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Holly Bell Consulting
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All inquiries for HOLLY BELL regarding cannabis, CBD, or hemp in the state of Florida must be directed to: holly.bell@freshfromflorida.com.

Julie Stadler Holly Bell Consultant Testimony.png

“When Skyway Studios and Dance Network were starting out a few years ago, Holly was instrumental in ensuring best practices and operating procedures were implemented. Her analytical review of the operations of the companies provided the necessary data to make wise, fiscally responsible decisions and her detailed oversight kept Skyway and Dance Network focused as they established a successful presence in the Nashville business community. Holly’s wise financial advice and guidance were invaluable, and both companies are still reaping the benefits of her time and talents.”

Julie Stadler, Founder/CEO, Dance Network and Skyway Studios

Dawn Griffith Holly Bell Consulting Testimony.png

“Holly is a wonderful mentor and excellent executive coach. She has helped me progress in many areas of my career and personally. She is always available with sound advice. Holly’s method of coaching and advice is very straight forward. I will forever be grateful to her for the help and support she has shown and continues to show me. I highly recommend Holly for new and seasoned executives.”

Dawn Griffith, COO, Lyric Financial

Meryl Taylor Holly Bell Consulting Review Testimony.png

“I've known Holly for over 10 years. She has strong people skills and a positive can-do attitude that is hard to beat. With her uncanny ability to accurately assess businesses from financials to personnel, she informs and helps direct companies on the path to success. She's a powerhouse!”

Meryl Taylor, Chief Marketing Officer, Mark Zinder and Associates


“I have been in broadcasting for over 40 years and have worked will lots of well-known consulting firms in our industry.  My experience working will Dallas Rogers has been outstanding.  His knowledge of not only broadcasting but, social media, video, over-the-air work, programming, promotions & marketing have been an invaluable asset to Kensington Digital Media.  Whether Dallas is working with our Program Directors, production people, or directing a TV shoot, he is one of the most versatile consultants we've ever worked with.  Whether your market is large or small, Dallas treats everyone with the exact same level of excellence.  It is a pleasure to work with someone of his caliber.”

Tony Richards, Owner/CEO, Kensington Digital Media


“I have worked with and Known Dallas for over 25 years on several radio, film, and television projects, as well as other creative endeavors throughout the industry. He is one of the most creative individuals I know. Dallas is a natural leader, and is one of the most effective producers of radio, film and television that I’ve worked with and is a true pleasure to be around. His experience and tireless work ethic, combined with his creativity, are essential when creating any team!”

Guy Noffsinger, Emmy Award Winning Producer/Director, Guy Noffsinger HD Video and Fine Photography


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