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Holly Bell

Holly is currently not consulting. She is serving as Director of Cannabis for the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.

She has created a turn-key package for banking the Cannabis and Hemp industries for financial institutions. For access to that information, visit MAINSPRING SOLUTIONS.

For more than 18 years, Holly has been helping businesses succeed. She is a a highly organized, results-driven individual with a keen ability to assess at a strategic level and then manage the process to the tactical level.

Her outstanding business development skills and strategic business plans have helped companies in the cannabis, financial and entertainment industries reach their full potential.

She has strong forensic accounting skills, extensive regulatory and compliance knowledge and an ability to assess employees’ productivity as it relates to the business model to ensure the company is utilizing every person and asset to its greatest potential.

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Dallas Rogers

Dallas is the Treasurer for the Tennessee Growers Coalition (political action committee), and is a consultant in the Cannabis and Hemp Industry. He is also the Treasurer for META (Media, Entertainment & Technology Alliance), a Trade Association for a creative economy.

Dallas is an experienced programming specialist, business repair and reorganization consultant and audio engineer for both broadcast and music. Dallas began his broadcast career in 1988 and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business and Journalism from West Virginia University.

The past 30 years have taken him to legendary radio stations like B94 in Pittsburgh, DC101 in Washington, DC, and 102.7WEBN in Cincinnati. He is a published songwriter, a music producer, and has been an award winning creative director for iHeartRadio and CBS. He was the narrator for Jerrod Niemann’s debut album, NASA-TV, and the official voice of the US National Parks. In short, he talks a lot.


Brittany G Pride

Brittany is the Co Founder and VP of TN Growers Coalition (political action committee), and the President of Women in Numbers (political action committee). She is the co founder and Chief Accounts Officer for Neuline Health, a Dallas based Neuro diagnostic company with service in 12 states.

Brittany has a degree in Aerospace Sciences from middle Tennessee state university. She worked as a commercial pilot for 10 years before she began working in business development for the healthcare industry in Nashville.

Brittany has been instrumental in developing and growing the Hemp industry in the state of Tennessee, and has been involved in the creation of the bills and laws that govern it.


Joe Kirkpatrick

Joe is the President of the Tennessee Hemp Industries Association, and the CEO of the Tennessee Growers Coalition (political action committee). He has been the architect and driving force behind the bills and laws that govern the Hemp industry in the state of Tennessee.

Joe is the former State Executive Committeeman for the Tennessee Republican Party and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science from Vanderbilt University.

Joe is one of the most recognized and respected Lobbyists in Tennessee, and is a recognized authority in the farming and processing of Hemp.

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Kelley M. Hess

Kelley Hess is a Co Founder, Executive Director, and Lobbyist for the Tennessee Growers Coalition, the first state political action committee in the U.S. that supports the hemp industry. Kelley is also the owner of Hess Advocacy Solutions, a boutique advocacy consulting business specializing in grassroots strategies, political action committees and lobbying efforts.

Kelley has worked as a Legislative Assistant for the Tennessee House of Representatives and spent four years in the government relations department of the Tennessee Medical Association. She graduated from the University of Memphis with a Bachelor of Arts in History and holds a Master of Public Administration from Tennessee State University.

Kelley has been a driving force in the advocacy efforts for the Hemp Industry in Tennessee, and has spearheaded successful grassroots strategies and fundraising initiatives.